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Travelling Ticket Inspector

Brief Job Role: In this role you will become the main contact point aboard our public services. As you walk through the train you will be inspecting tickets, ensuring they are valid for that specific service and offering advice and guidance to those enjoying a visit to our line on what is available to do in and around the valley. It’s not just a simple case of clipping tickets though, as on some occasions you will be required to sell tickets for those unable to visit a booking office. As you go through the train you will be required to “count” the number of passengers aboard the service, and deliver this number to the guard – don’t worry though we don’t expect this to be done in your head!
Before the train sets off you will need check the coaches are clean, free of all rubbish on the floor & seats. Toilets will need to be fully stocked with both toilet paper and hand wipes, ensuring the the bins in here have been emptied too. In winter months ensuring all windows are shut correctly, and checking the heating is operational is just as important – with any faults to be reported to the guard. If any parties are booked on during the day, ensuring their reserved seats are free for their arrival is another duty required of this role.
Come the end of the day you have have an end of day sheet to complete, to record what you’ve sold and your takings – all of which is to be handed in to station you sign on at before you sign off.

Project Past and Present: Travelling Ticket Inspectors don’t have any specific projects, but upon completion of the standard TTI duties they also sell tickets for our annual raffle whilst also advertising the Souvenir Guidebook and promoting the shop and tearooms to all onboard. Interaction with the passengers is key to this role, and being able to provide the public with an in-depth knowledge of the railway and its function will help our visitors greatly.

If you would like to get involved then please fill in the attached document and send it back either by email or in the post or contact the office and we will be sure to help reach the department of our choice.