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Telecoms (Phone lines and Internet)

Brief Job Role: The telecoms department is responsible for the maintenance and management of the railway's internal telephone system. This system is serviced by three 1950's Strowger electro-mechanical exchanges and provides telephone services to all three stations on the railway, plus many other outlying locations as far apart as Endon and Froghall Junction. The department maintains the exchanges on a weekly basis, attending to any faults as appropriate whilst providing new lines when required as well. This sees the department taking care of over nine miles of underground cable.

We also maintain a modern digital telephone system that serves the administration offices at Froghall, and provide leading-edge technology to meet the railway's evolving needs.

Allied to this, we also maintain and develop an extensive data network via Local Area Networks (LAN) and an interconnecting Wide Area Network (WAN) which provides internet and e-mail access at key locations as well as supporting the ever growing number of webcams.