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80080 Cheddleton Pointing South

Station and Greetings

Brief Job Role: Whether you enjoy the Victorian architecture of Cheddleton, the sleepy hamlet of Consall or the traditional North Staffs appearance of Froghall, all three stations give you the chance to offer our famous warm welcome to our guests. 

In the booking office selling tickets you will be some of the first volunteers the passengers meet, you will also be asked questions regarding the day’s service - what timetable is in use, fares and the railway in general. You will be presented with all manner of questions and conundrums that the public can throw at you, so as not to be caught out by that obscure question nobody thought would be asked! Whilst in the Booking Office money handling skills will be required in order to take payments and complete balance sheets at the end of the day – for which training will be provided.

If this part of the operation isn’t your thing however then don’t worry – there’s more to station staff than tickets. A traditional Porter helps maintain a clean and neat station for our guests, whilst being on hand to assist any visitors moving around the station and boarding the train. With departure time approaching, it is up to the station staff to ensure that all doors are shut correctly before the Right Away is given to the Guard – and that most importantly no passengers are left behind!

Projects: Each station has had their fair share of projects over the years. Consall Platform 2 has been completely rebuilt from nothing, with assistance from other departments. Froghall is a totally new station but in the style of the former North Staffordshire Railway building. Work is always taking place maintaining platforms, looking after the plants and making sure that those first impressions are positive. Cheddleton continues to be the ancestral home of the pioneering volunteers with a continual addition of heritage items. The former Hanley Water Column has been installed a tearoom has been added along with repairs to the blue brick platform.