Brief Job Role: The Signal Engineering Department is responsible for the railways heritage signalling system. We operate from our base at Cheddleton where we restore and reservice all the types of signalling equipment in use around the railway. Our work is varied and involves indoor and outdoor work across the following three areas;

Maintenance, Renewals & Enhancements

We undertake a routine maintenance programme on both the mechanical, electro-mechanical and electrical signalling equipment in use on the railway. This varies from oiling and greasing mechanical signalling equipment through to track circuit testing. We also have a routine change programme where, at stated intervals, items of signalling equipment are removed from operational use and replaced with re-serviced equipment. 

Fault Finding

A lot of our equipment operates in quite a harsh environment and despite regular maintenance there are occasions where equipment fails. This is where we attend the site of the fault and repair it as quickly as possible to minimize delays to trains.

New Works

This is where the bulk of our time is spent. The department has embarked on the biggest project it has ever undertaken which is to resignal the railway between Cheddleton and Leek Brook Junction. This work will bring in to full operational use both signal boxes at Cheddleton and Leek Brook. The work at Leek Brook Junction being in anticipation of the reconstruction of the line back to Leek and will involve the re-instatement of the triangle between the Leek and Cauldon Lines. The work at Cheddleton is to allow the commissioning of the passing loop and extra platform. 

If you have an interest in mechanical or electrical engineering, we would be pleased to hear from you. A prior knowledge of railway signal engineering is not necessary as the department is managed by an experienced signal engineer and full training is available.

If you would like to get involved then please fill in the attached document and send it back either by email or in the post or contact the office and we will be sure to help reach the department of our choice. 

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