Civil Engineering

The department has a responsibility for building and maintaining railway structures, both at Stations and on the line side. This includes Station buildings and fences, Signal Boxes, platforms, the miles of line side fencing, farmer’s crossings, and minor repairs to railway bridges and culverts. During slacker times, and during the winter, the team also keep the line side trees in check, pruning as necessary, and felling when all else fails.

Larger building projects are handled by contractors, but the team tackle smaller projects, such as wooden buildings and brick walls. This includes re-painting and replacing rotten parts of buildings and platforms.

There is also a small sub department who carry out regular bridge inspections and report on condition. Between inspections, they can often be found doing some of the tree felling that the main team haven’t yet managed to achieve, as well as other projects.

If you are reasonably fit and don’t mind getting dirty and wet, and feel that you would like to join the team, then why don't you contact us to find out more?

Bob McDonnell

From Autumn 2014 to Spring 2015 the civils team were mostly involved in jobs at Cheddleton  Station area.

These included, refurbishing the supporting wall on Station Road, ready for the contractors to install a new steel  fence, installing a secondary roof over the leaking training portacabin, re-fencing the back of platform two, and re-fencing along the road from the Tearoom building to the MPD portacabins. In between waiting for fencing supplies, an amount of essential tree cutting was carried out in the car park.

Spring 2015 saw a move to Froghall, where the jobs done to date include, clearing brambles  from the lineside, installing a fence and gate at the bottom of the picnic area, in preparation for the new wildlife area planned for the adjoining field, and some much needed repairs to the trespass guards at the Whiston foot crossing.