Carriage and Wagon

Brief Job Role: Here at carriage and wagon we work tirelessly to provide the superb set of coaches we own and are always looking to improve, repair and maintain. Maintenance jobs can be repairing/replacing windows in the carriages or greasing door locks, hinges and mechanisms. In a bid to keep the 1950's ambience we maintain a mixture of Mark 1 & 2 coaches which where designed and built by British Railways. With there ages comes a ever growing challenge to keep these ageing coaches in a fit and safe manner.

We do not solely work on coaches we also work to bring heritage wagons back into use. Although these do not provide a great amount of money for the railways their historical value is great. This is due to railways main source of income coming from freight and not passengers as you would expect. With so many designs and variations being created over the years it is very important that these don’t disappear forever. Tasks involved with this is are, checking bears, maintaining the brakes. But these roles can be very different depending on the variety of the wagon.

Project Past and Present:
 Converting coaches for the benefit of all such as making a Brake Second Compartment (BSK) more wheel chair accessible. We also converting a First Compartment (FK) which was known as "the wreck" into a First Open (FO) which has since been turned into "Diana" our first class Dining Coach.

Working on the information boards around the railway, these are key parts of the railway as they help for the railway communicate new projects, ideas and special events.

In 2016 the team turned there attack to a new project completely. This was a War Flat originally designed for moving tanks up and down the country during World War 2. In a few short weeks the wagon was mechanically overhauled, painted and tested before it starred at our War in the Valley Event in 2016.

If you would like to get involved then please fill in the attached document and send it back either by email or in the post or contact the office and we will be sure to help reach the department of our choice.