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Trespass 23/05/2021

23/05/2021 (11 months ago)   General News

Again, we find ourselves having to write about trespass.

We shall not reiterate all that we have said over the legalities of this, however is this what you would do at Stoke Station?

Would you walk into the middle of a road and stand and text?

This is dangerous. If a train does not kill you, tripping or slipping on damp sleepers might just hurt you or even worse.

Trespass on a railway line is dangerous!

For all the complaints we get from some residents that this railway is ‘disused’ or rarely sees trains – then we say this. It is not just the trains that are dangerous.

The other comment we often receive is ‘there are no signs’ well there are signs. We find that people do not like signs, so they remove them.

The motorway is not signed as being dangerous, the side of the canal is not signed as likely to cause drowning. There is only so much we can do. If people are going to cut down fences (and publicly comment on social media they have done this) pull down signs, vandalise and damage our coaches, then please do not complain there was not a sign telling you not to trespass.