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15/07/2020 (1 year ago)   General News

Despite our repeated messages against trespassing, we are once again disappointed to discover people continue to ignore our warnings and continue to promote their potentially dangerous actions. 

Trespassing on railway property is a criminal offence, and all persons from the age of 10 upwards can be prosecuted and fined up to £1000 each. The implications of being prosecuted for a criminal offence can be long lasting, with some countries refusing to accept admittance even for just a holiday.

The railway environment is not a playground, with many hazards hidden from view to the untrained eye. So, to see people promoting trespassing activities, and then encouraging others to join by sharing geographical locations and guidance on access, is really disappointing. Details of all the above have been sent to the police for each incident recorded who will be dealing with them accordingly.

We are not trying to be kill joys, but simply keep the community we serve safe. Whilst nobody is planning to hurt themselves, all it takes is one accident and a person’s life could be changed forever. Therefore, we would like to repeat our message, please stay off the tracks and keep to public rights of way. We appreciate your co-operation with this message.

Gregory Wilson
Managing Director