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Trespassing Again

25/08/2020 (1 year ago)   General News

We enjoy playing a part in the local community, and equally enjoy seeing the numerous photos and videos people share of their experiences on the Churnet Valley Railway. However, we do wish to remind people to stay safe when visiting us, and not to trespass – a message we have sadly been forced to repeat on multiple occasions. 

Even we though are shocked at the latest case of trespass, courtesy of Chris - also known as StokeBloke on social media, who has not only trespassed once but twice. What is more alarming is on his second video, he films himself touching machinery he has no knowledge in the safe use of. The sheer stupidity of his actions is highly dangerous, and we cannot condone such foolishness enough. Rest assured the Police have been notified, and we will be taking this case as far as we feel is necessary.

As a reminder, trespassing on railway property is a Criminal Crime under Section 55 of the British Transport Commissions Act 1949 – it is not Civil. We may be a heritage railway, but we are still governed by the same rules and regulations as Network Rail and we ourselves are still covered by this. The implications of being prosecuted for a criminal offence can be long-lasting, impacting upon both careers and holidays, and anyone from the age of 10 can be prosecuted and fined up to £1000 per offence. Ignorance is not an excuse.

The dangers of a railway are not always obvious to the untrained eye and entering areas you have no permission to be in can have deadly consequences. To see real impacts of real lives from trespassing, please visit . The stories here are real, there are no actors, and all it takes is one moment for a person’s life to be changed forever.