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Railway Extension Vandalised Before First Train Runs

27/02/2023 (1 year ago)   General News

Disappointingly a small minority are taking it upon themselves to try and disrupt contractors working to bring this to reality. It started off with the gluing of door locks to machinery parked up overnight, and has now developed into vandalising new fencing installed to protect members of the public from the construction traffic. It is really saddening to see such selfishness become evident, and really goes against the friendly nature we experience regularly with the majority of people.


The arrival of the railway has always been seen as the first stage in redeveloping the Barnfields area, re-inventing it from the current industrial focus to a tourism hub that is welcoming to locals as well as visitors. With the extension expected to increase visitor numbers from 75,000 to 100,000 within the first couple of years, this extra footfall will bring additional income to the area as whole; a survey conducted by the Heritage Rail Association placed a figure of for £1 being spent within the community for every £9 spent on a railway. That’s across hotels, guesthouses, eateries and local shops. So surely we should be looking to show Leek off in its best light, and not with vandalised fences from people unable to see beyond their own priority