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Little Switzerland's First Oktoberfest

28/09/2016 (5 years ago)   Contributors Blog

The Churnet Valley Railway is getting ready for a brand new event on the line, with Little Switzerland's first Oktoberfest as Bavarian Culture is brought to the valley.

Providing something different from a traditional beer festival, the Churnet railway is delighted to announce that it has been able to source five of the six official Oktoberfest beers for this event. To be granted such status a beer each of these beers have had to conform to the Reinheitsgebot (German Purity Law) and be brewed within the city limits of Munich. To be able to bring these beers to Staffordshire is a real honour and one it is hoped will be enjoyed by many.

Such a style of event though wouldn't be complete without appropriate food, and a number of traditional Bavarian dishes will be on offer throughout the weekend. Teaming up with "The Sausage Man" based in Dartford, visitors can take their pick from boiled Weisswurst sausage down to sweet honey & almond "Bienenstich" cakes. Whether you enjoy a simple snack or a full meal from the food tent on Froghall station, there is a good selection of culinary delights on offer.

Being traditionally a family event, (as the first Oktoberfest was a royal celebration of the marriage of Germany's King Ludwig I to Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen), there will be a section of Giant Soft Toy games available to play along with kids activity packs available to allow younger guests to join in the festivities.

“Oktoberfest brings another twist to a popular theme, and offers something different for those that choose to visit” said Jon Kerr, one of the events coordinators. “Oktoberfest is one of the biggest known events in the world, and yet there is more to this than just another beer festival. It's an insight into a culture, being traditionally a folk festival, and for those unable to attend the main event in Munich we hope we are able to provide a sample here in Staffordshire”.

The event gets underway at 10.30am on Saturday 1st October with the departure of the first train, with steam and diesel trains providing a trip along the valley that was branded as Staffordshire's own Little Switzerland. On Saturday evening trains will run late, with evening only tickets available on the night for the bargain price of £6 per person! This will allow anyone local to let the train take the strain once again whilst offering an alternative night out.

No booking is required for this event, though a discount is offered on advance tickets online. Entrance to Froghall station will also require a £6 platform ticket, though this is redeemable on train travel tickets. For more information call 01538 360522 or check the Railway’s website or Facebook page.