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CVLLP Backed Project Starts

29/06/2012 (10 years ago)   General News

The North Staffordshire Railway Company, ‘NSRC’, received confirmation late last week that they can now commence the Churnet Valley Living Landscapes Project backed (part of a bigger Heritage Lottery Fund award) which they recently received an award for.

This means that the NSRC can now go ahead and place an order for an electricity supply to Leekbrook Junction signalbox. Once installed the power supply will provide for the webcams that will be installed to watch each of the 4 branch lines that meet at Leekbrook Junction. The supply will also power the signalling equipment required for the Moorland and City network, along with the various lights on the station platform.

The Asylum platform will be reinstated with a ramp at the northern end as per the original, a landing will be refitted to the signalbox and a split staircase with a safety landing will be installed. The original design of porch with a hipped slate roof will also be replaced and ultimately the CVR running line will be realigned to allow more coaches to fit alongside the platform.

This is the first phase of a three phase project by the NSRC/CVR/MCR as part of the.CVLLP