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Loyal Volunteer Finally Retires After 20 Years !

06/11/2012 (9 years ago)   General News

After 20 years service, today Bob McDonnell dug his last hole for the railway. Bob has been an integral part of the Civil’s department over the years and as has played his part in helping the railway expand beyond recognition since 1992. In addition to providing essential day to day maintenance at all three stations he has also been first call out for station alarms and actively involved in setting up and monitoring the railways webcams.

If that wasn’t enough, in recent years he has also been an active member of the commercial team stage managing and constructing the props and sets for events including the Ghost Train, Santa & Steam and our 1940s Weekends. He has also taken on many disguises at events illustrated by a montage of photographs on display at Froghall Tea Rooms for a surprise leaving party organised by the commercial team.

Fitter than people half his age Bob will be sorely missed by all his colleagues and friends at the railway.