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TV Appearance For S160. 5197

06/09/2019 (2 years ago)   General News

The Churnet Valley Railway is excited to announce yet another TV appearance is due for the line, featuring the line’s resident USATC S160 no. 5197 and the team who help maintain and operate her. 

London-based prodco Windfall Films, part of Argonon Group, is producing the factual series Train Truckers for UKTV’s Yesterday channel.

The six-part series follows the adventures of a family run crew of heavy-haulage specialists from “Allelys Group” as they race to transport the heaviest, longest and most precious locomotives around the world by road, rail and sea. Using advanced CGI to reveal the engineering ingenuity of the crews undertaking these colossal feats, rare archive footage also reveals the secret history behind the featured locomotives and the dedicated people that have built and restored them.

The 6 x 60-minute series is made by Windfall Films. Carlo Massarella is executive producer for Windfall, with James Coldwell serving as series producer and director. TCB Media Rights retain distribution rights. Daniel Thomas, acquisitions manager, brokered the deal on behalf of UKTV.

“This action-packed series explores great engineering feats, epic railway routes and heritage around the world — through the entertaining adventures of transport specialist crew as they take on each challenging mission,” said Massarella, EP and CEO of Windfall, in a statement.

“The history, engineering and logistics featured in Train Truckers combines some of the most popular elements of a Yesterday program,” added Thomas. “How these incredible trains are transported is fascinating and we’re confident Yesterday viewers will enjoy the journey.”

5197 becomes the focus of attention in episode 5, to be aired on 26th September. Featured alongside the movement of a new High Speed Super Train, the S160’s journey from its Cheddleton base is closely followed as it heads to Telford to take up its role in the Polar Express Recreation on the Telford Steam Railway. Scenes filmed include the actual road journey from Staffordshire to Shropshire, along with performances at Telford and at home on the Churnet Valley Railway. Interviews with both staff and volunteers who help keep her in running order were also made, all as part of the back story as to how a former Chinese Industrial work horse came to play a part in the world renown Polar Express.