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January Photography Charters

02/12/2015 (6 years ago)   Contributors Blog

Following our last MPD Update where we announced the news that former GWR “Taffy Tank” no. 5619 was to be visiting us for the winter, we are happy to announce that a weekend of Photography Charters have been announced for the locomotive.

A high level of interest has been created with our winter guest, and in collaboration with 2x Railway Charter Organisers we are offering 2-days of charters to take as many pictures as you like along the Churnet Valley.

On Saturday 16thLure of Steam” Charters will kick off the weekend, with 5619 operating a short van train recreating scenes of old as the majority of Goods were transported along rail in the days of steam.

On Sunday 17th30742” Charters are then planning on running a short mixed goods, recreating scenes of numerous branch lines up and down the country where villages sent their produce away in return for products from the bigger cities.

In order to ensure people get decent enough photos without getting in each other’s way, places are being restricted to 30 each day. A certain level of physical fitness will be required for attending this event, as you will be climbing up/down from the Brake Van which can be much harder work than it sounds. A safety briefing will be provided before the start of each day, but the event is open to those interested in Photography - be it on an amateur level or a more professional level.

If you wish to book on either date (or both), or would like further information, then please contact the respective organiser for their respective date as they are handling all bookings for the full weekend. Booking forms are available on the respective date in our >Calendar<.

For further details of when 5619 will be operating, keep an eye on the website and Facebook page.