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Knotty Coach 28 To Be Restored!

27/05/2014 (8 years ago)   General News



The "North Staffordshire Railway Company (1978)" is pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached with the "Knotty Coach Trust" based at the nearby Foxfield Railway, that will see former North Staffordshire Railway 4-wheeled 1st Class coach No.28 restored to its former glory.

The agreement is the culmination of several months of negations carried out between the two neighbouring charities, and will allow all three preserved NSR coaches to run together in the same set. All three coaches date from the same period, and have had a similar history of operation and preservation. With the agreement now in place, NSR 28 is to be placed on a 99 year loan to the Knotty Coach Trust who will then oversee the vehicle's restoration to the same high standard as their own NSR 61 and 127.

Full details of the project can be found here.