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Carriage And Wagon Update – Week Commencing 8th April 15, 2024

17/04/2024 (1 month ago)   General News

Our dedicated team of volunteers kicked off the week by shunting the site to prepare for the upcoming train operations on Wednesday. Check out the first picture to see our Mad Hatter's coaches safely back in the "stock" siding, alongside our newly acquired MK 2 BFK named "Gladys." Gladys, being a more complete BFK, has led to the recent disposal of our previous one.

In other news, Coach 5145 has taken the spot of "Katie" and the class 20 in front of the engine shed. This relocation brings the coach closer to the shed for ongoing work during its intermediate overhaul. We've already made significant progress, as shown in the pictures: the floor in the "A" end has been removed for levelling and replacement, while the wood panelling under the windows has been stripped for leak testing and the installation of new wooden panels. Vestibule end, the ceiling has been taken down for a thorough inspection, with plans underway for a complete rewire and installation of the ripper system. Additionally, half of the seat bases have been sanded in preparation for a fresh coat of paint, with cushions and armrests safely stored until the upholsterer is ready.

Meanwhile, Coach 4046 has returned to the Carriage shed. All the new side sheets have been tacked into place, with welding operations continuing throughout the week. We've also made progress on the interior, with one toilet window now cut and the North vestibule receiving its new end over the weekend. The north buffer and draw hook have been successfully cleaned and inspected, with the same process set to take place at the south end shortly.

Stay tuned for more updates on our ongoing projects!

The majority of this work has been carried out by volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information then please visit: