Coaching Stock

The Churnet Valley Railway operates predominantly British Railway built Mk1s as our service stock, with a normal service set consisting of 4 or 5 coaches. We also have a couple of coaches awaiting repairs and/or overhauls, all of which is completed by our volunteer Carriage & Wagon Department.

The coaches we have onsite as of March 2017 are -:

NSR 4-wheeler no. 28 (at Stanegate Restoration)

BR RMB no. E1878 "J.R. Burgess" (awaiting restoration)

BR FO no. 3095 (awaiting restoration)

BR TSO no. E4354

BR TSO no. S4392

BR SO no. 4779 "Diana" (Converted Dining Coach)

BR SO no. W4786

BR SO no. 4795 (awaiting restoration)

BR Mk2 BSO no. 9390 (awaiting restoration)

BR FO no. E13236

BR CK no. M16155

LMS BGZ no. 32994 (awaiting restoration)

BR BSK no. E35094 (Converted Exhibition Coach at Consall)

BR BSK no. M35343

BR BSK no. M35473 (Converted Open Access Saloon)

SR Heating Van no. 70185 (awaiting restoration)

BR RK no. 80030