Leekbrook + S160

Coaching Stock

The Churnet Valley Railway currently operates former British Railway built Mk1s as service stock, offering a traditional 1950s experience with wide windows seated at either a table of usually four or within your own dedicated compartment. A normal service set consists of 4 or 5 coaches, with additional coaches added to provide a dining service as required. There are further a small number of more historical coaches, but these require specialist restoration work that presently is unable to be completed at Cheddleton due to the current workload.

The current fleet of coaches are owned by a mix of the Churnet Valley Railway PLC and its supporting charity the North Staffordshire Railway Company, and as of December 2021 there are 22 coaches onsite.

Operational :

  • BR BSK nos. M35343, M35473 (with Converted Open Access Saloon)
  • BR CK no. M16155
  • BR SO no. W4786
  • BR TSO nos. E3809, E4354, S4392

Dining Set

Awaiting Restoration

  • BR BG no. 80960
  • BR CK no. 15663
  • BR TSO no. S4046
  • BR SO nos. M4366, M4795
  • BR Mk2 BSO no. 9390
  • BR Mk2 BFK no. 14031
  • BR NNX no. 80224
  • LMS BGZ no. M32994

Other Uses

  • BR BSK no E35094 (Converted into an Exhibition Coach at Consall Station)
  • BR BPOT no. E80457 (Events vehicle)
  • NSR FY no. 228 (Long Term hire to Knotty Coach Trust, At Stanegate for Restoration

British Rail created a coding system for the style of coaches it operated, which helped identify what type of coach was being referred to and the seating capacity. An explanation of this code for the coaches that can be found on the Churnet Valley Railway can be found below:

  • BG = Brake Gangway
  • BGZ = Brake Gangway 6-wheeled
  • BFK / BSK = Brake First/Second Compartment
  • BPOT = Brake Post Office Stowage Van
  • BSO = Brake Second Open
  • CK = Corridor Compartment
  • FY = First 4-wheeled
  • SO = Second Open
  • TSO = Tourist Second Open
  • NNX = High Security Courier (converted BSKs)
  • RK = Restaurant Kitchen
  • RFO / RSO = Restaurant First/Second Open