Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our most asked questions. 

If you would like to find out about vouchers please call our dedicated phone number on 01538 758495

I don’t quite understand the Timetable, can you explain please ?
There are three timetables on our website, the Green which is our most frequent, the Blue and the Yellow. We suggest you start your journey from Froghall. Departure times from Froghall are for a full round trip of the line.

Our timetable is designed to offer the maximum amount of trips from Froghall Station.

Can you tell me what my ticket allows me to do ?
Our tickets for Green,  & Blue timetables are rover tickets. This means the ticket is valid for travel all day. You can travel on as many trips as you like and you can get on and off as many times as you like.

Please remember our timetable works best if you travel from Froghall 

Can you tell me about Parking ?
At Froghall you can use the car park in the station. There is no charge for Parking.

At Cheddleton you can use the car park adjacent to the station. There is no charge for Parking.

Do you have disabled parking ?
Yes, at Froghall Station, however we only have a limited amount of disabled parking. If you are unable to find any disabled parking you can alight wheelchairs or elderly passengers at the platform before parking your car.

How do I qualify for a concession ticket ?
We offer a selection of concessions all of which allow 10 % off travel on Green, & Blue timetable days. This discount applies to all travelling in the party up to a maximum of 9 people.

Employees of the following are currently included in the concession scheme: NHS, Armed Forces, Emergency Services (Fire, Ambulance, Police),Club AZ, JCB, Rail Delivery Group, ex British Rail Employees (on production of an ID card),. 

To gain the concession please bring an in date and valid identification card clearly displaying a picture of the person travelling along with the name and or logo of the employer, or alternatively a payslip no less than 3 months old and supporting photo identification. We accept a photo-card driving licence or a passport.

Do seniors get a reduced rate ?
Yes, if you are age 60+ then the admission price is reduced. 

What age do you class as a child ?
4-15 years. Under 4’s travel free, (this may vary on special event days and on particular services such as Santa & Steam)

Who is included in a family ticket ?
2 adults (16-59) and 2 children aged 4-15 or 2 adults and 1 senior (60 +) are covered on a family ticket

Are dogs allowed ?
Yes, we welcome well behaved dogs! A nominal fee of £3.00 is charged on all our services. However, as a responsible dog owner, we know you'll understand when we ask you to adhere to the following; Keep your dog on a lead at all times, Do not allow your dog to sit on our seats, Always 'pick up' after your dog, *Service dogs only on any dining experience.

Is the steam railway open in the winter ?
We have ‘Special Events’ on selected dates and there is of course our famous Santa and Steam trains. See the website for more details.

Do you have volunteers ?
Yes. If you would like to become a volunteer, then please complete the form on the Volunteer section on the website or give us a call and we will post the form out to you.

I would like to book a Group Booking what do I do ?
You would need to contact the office who will send you a Group Booking Form. We offer a discount for Groups of 10+ passengers. You can speak to the office who will give you all the information you need. 

I have received a Gift Voucher for a dining experience what should I do ?
You will need to contact the office to book for any dining experience using a Gift Voucher. 

How do the dining experiences work ?
All of the dining experiences are on a separate carriage named ‘Diana’ or 'Nicholas'.

Staffordshire Cream Tea Seating ?
Due to the historic nature of our dining carriages we only have a limited number of tables for 2 people. If you want to specifically travel as a couple you can at the time of your booking purchase a table of 2 guarantee. Otherwise you maybe seated with another 2 passengers.