Youth Support

The future of all preserved railways relies upon us being able to inspire current and future generations of the joys of our heritage trains. With this in mind, the Churnet Valley Railway offers a selection of opportunities for youngsters to be a part of the railway, both from home and during their visit. Non of this would be possible though without the commitment of our dedicated volunteer teams, who all help ensure our younger visitors enjoy being a part of the CVR.

The Steamers

For our younger visitors, their memories can continue long after their very first visit to the railway. Our Youth Group "The Steamers" provides an exclusive club for supporters under the age of 15, and our volunteer Group Leaders keep these members up-to-date with the latest happenings of the railway as well organising a special event weekend dedicated to "The Steamers".

A lot of this work is more administrative at present, but over time we would like to develop the group so that we can hold more open days and also look at running volunteer works parties catered for younger members. If you are interested in assisting with our Youth Group then please get in touch through any of the contact methods detailed at the bottom.

Education Days

Not only do we provide a day out for people with young families, we also offer Education Days for school and group visits. We offer two completely different options, with our Evacuee Experience proving hugely popular as all the children are taught about the wartime evacuation from the large cities to countryside locations like the Churnet Valley, and learn just what life was like for families during World War 2. Our Explorer Experience gives people the chance to discover the countryside and meet people around the railway to learn how railways once formed the backbone to the rural communities they served.

Such experiences though again depends upon the efforts of our volunteers who perform a variety of roles during each day, ranging from a simple Tour Guide directing visitors around the railway, to Actors/Actresses bringing the individual stories to life. If you are interested in helping operate such days, then please get in touch through any of the contact methods detailed below.


Phone : 01538 750755