Anglia Shunters Limited

In 2013 members of the Churnet Valley Railway grouped together and bought two Polish TKh locomotives that had been offered for sale at the Spa Valley Railway in Tunbridge Wells by their owning group "Anglia Shunters Ltd". No 2944 "Hotspur" arrived at the railway in May, and restoration began with the loco subsequently steaming at the CVR Anything Goes Gala on June 21st 2014. Since then she has settled in to service and is now the mainstay of the steam department.

The frames of no. 2871 arrived early in 2014, and the group are currently fundraising to undertake the overhaul of this loco as well. If you're interested in supporting this group either financially or in manpower (or both!) then please get in contact via our General Enquiries.


The TKh49 locomotive was a batch of steam shunting engines built by Poland’s Fablok Locomotive Works between 1947 and 1961. The TKh49 class were also known as the T3A or Ferrum 47. The word "Ferrum" was given to them as a nickname derived from the very first location that a TKh49 originally operated at. The 'TKh' classification indicates it is a Freight Locomotive (T) that is also a Tank Engine (K) with an 0-6-0 wheel arrangement (h). The number 49 indicates the year of the design.